The Bahrain International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW-Bahrain) plays a key role in empowering women, as well as the youth of the Kingdom, by providing focused training as well as the opportunity to seek professional rehabilitation. 
This is done through providing business incubators – which offer support services to entrepreneurs and startups for a specific incubation period – to proffer the opportunity for better, coordinated growth to businesses which are selected for the BPW-Bahrain incubator program. BPW-Bahrain has expanded the number of incubators in operation to nearly 20 over the past year with the opening of its second location in Al Andalus Park and there are plans to facilitate even more when the third BPW-Bahrain location is opened soon. 
The credentials of candidates who apply for participation in the BPW-Bahrain incubator program are vetted thoroughly with selections being made strictly on merit. The incubators span the entire spectrum of businesses, with a particular focus on the arts because BPW-Bahrain recognizes the need for skill and creativity to be encouraged and promoted. 

With the range of services provided to these incubators including joint work areas, guidance, marketing, business planning, public relations and mentoring, the BPW-Bahrain incubators help both women and the Kingdom’s youth realize the full potential of their creative and business abilities. 

Applications are only accepted online. Candidates selected for interviews will receive a confirmation email within seven (7) working days.