The International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International), founded in 1930 by Dr. Lena Madesin Phillips, is one of the most influential networks of business and professional women in the world. With affiliates in over 100 countries across five continents, its members include influential women leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, professionals and young business and professional women.

With its central aim being to unite business and professional women across the globe, BPW International actively works to create economic independence for women and to provide equal opportunity and representation in economic, civil and political life. The organization also encourages and supports women in their quest to develop their professional and leadership potential; undertake lifelong education and training and to use their abilities for the benefit of others, locally, nationally and internationally.

BPW International also advocates for the elimination of all discrimination against women as well as for human rights and the use of gender-sensitive perspectives. In addition, BPW International promotes worldwide networking and cooperation between business and professional women and generates non-profit projects that help women to gain economic independence to present the views of business and professional women to international organisations and agencies, and to business, governments and civil society.

For the period spanning 2017-2020, the organisation’s International Theme is:

“Empowering Women to Realise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”