Bahrain International Federation of Business & Professional Women

اللإتحاد العالمي لصاحبات الأعمال و المهن البحرينية

The Bahrain International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW-Bahrain) receives many queries on a daily basis from women, and men, entrepreneurs and small business owners, inquiring about how to apply for inclusion in our incubator program.


To facilitate the process and make it easier for interested individuals to apply, we now offer an online application process. Please bear in mind that certain criteria have to be met for any application to be reviewed by the BPW-Bahrain committee tasked with deciding the eligibility of applicants. Do remember that, while we have expanded the number of incubators currently in operation, the selection of new candidates also depends on the availability of space.


BPW-Bahrain ensures that the entire process of selecting an eligible candidate is impartial and transparent. Once a candidate is short-listed, she/he – or they – will be called for an interview. If the committee is satisfied that the candidate, or candidates, satisfy all the necessary requirements, they will be inducted into the program.


Intending applicants must make sure they are able to meet the following criteria:


• Have an active Commercial Registration (CR) license (must be valid for at least six months)

• Have a feasibility study

• Must be a business startup in operation for less than 3 years

• Provide a detailed synopsis of the business


Applicants must be Bahraini nationals and should provide a CV, a copy of their Smart Card and a copy of their passport.


How to Apply